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Jul 22

Noemi Procopio- How Science can Improve Criminal Cases Outcomes How often have we heard about criminal cases that remain unresolved and fade into oblivion? Unsolved cases have significant economic and societal impacts on every nation, breeding distrust towards the criminal justice system. The team at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston is pioneering innovative research aimed at enhancing our understanding of complex forensic …

Investigate the Dead! How Science can Improve Criminal Cases Outcomes Read More »


Sep 23

A look into why we need oxygen, some possible causes of why we lack oxygen in our body and understanding how to get more oxygen into our body through Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. Speaker: Sarah Todd Director and centre Manager at Oxify

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Oct 28

October 2024 Speaker Kathryn Simpson Biomarkers can take many forms in the body, but in the case of cancer they are often cells (known as Circulating Tumour Cells), proteins or DNA that have been shed by the tumour and can be measured in the bloodstream of a cancer patient. More commonly, they are measured in the patient’s tumour. Ideally, we …

Cancer Biomarkers: What are they, and how are they useful in the fight against cancer? Read More »


Nov 25

Sam Ntatalikas is a certified Sex, Love & Relationship Coach who trained with Layla Martin via VITA (Vital & Integrated Tantric Approach), one of the most advanced professional certifications in the world. Sam works with women and couples one-to-one and in small groups. Sam is a self-professed Sex Geek who uses modern neurobiology, holistic healing, …

The Science of Sex, bringing sexpertise to our meet-up in November. Read More »

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Jan 27

Jill McGarry a sleep expert will be talking to us about sleep more details coming soon.

Feb 24

Laura Doherty will be talking to us about the environmental impacts of different funeral options


Mar 24

May Calma Healing Space will be talking to us about Traditional East Asian Medicine (TEAM)


Apr 28

David Miles April 2025 Speaker A hundred years ago, whooping cough killed more than one in every hundred children born in Europe. Eighty years ago, two women in Grand Rapids, Michigan, developed the vaccine that stopped it. All it took was years of working evenings and weekends, an army of volunteer healthcare workers and lab technicians funded by donations from …

Whooping cough vaccines: a century of good science and bad Read More »

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