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Jun 24

Home Retrofit Unpacked People are increasingly talking about home retrofit – retrospectively fitting energy saving improvements to a home – as a way to help the UK meet its climate targets and fix our incredibly cold, damp and unhealthy homes! In this talk, Jonathan Atkinson of the Carbon Co-op and People Powered Retrofit outlines the background behind retrofit: …

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Sep 23

A look into why we need oxygen, some possible causes of why we lack oxygen in our body and understanding how to get more oxygen into our body through Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. Speaker: Sarah Todd Director and centre Manager at Oxify

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Oct 28

October 2024 Speaker Kathryn Simpson Biomarkers can take many forms in the body, but in the case of cancer they are often cells (known as Circulating Tumour Cells), proteins or DNA that have been shed by the tumour and can be measured in the bloodstream of a cancer patient. More commonly, they are measured in the patient’s tumour. Ideally, we …

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