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Jan 22

The Science of Comics Join cartoonist Marc Jackson for a talk about ‘The science of comics!’ If you thought making comics was just drawing funny pictures, with people wearing their underpants over their tights, you thought WRONG! Comics has a science to it, from panel layouts, sequential storytelling and learning and breaking the rules of creating them, you’ll learn …

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Feb 26

The vole truth: Datasets get more valuable the longer they are collected and Dr Claire Risley has been lucky enough to be involved in the continuation of data collection on one of our most interesting mammals: the skomer island vole. Please join us on the 26th February to see the first albino skomer vole discovered! About Claire: Claire …

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Apr 22

April 2024 Emily Clarke Have you heard of one medicine? This is an approach where human and animal healthcare advance hand in hand. In research we can learn a lot about disease and how treatments work by studying different species. In the case of musculoskeletal conditions, such as osteoarthritis, horses can be used as a model organism, with veterinary …

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Jun 24

Home Retrofit Unpacked People are increasingly talking about home retrofit – retrospectively fitting energy saving improvements to a home – as a way to help the UK meet its climate targets and fix our incredibly cold, damp and unhealthy homes! In this talk, Jonathan Atkinson of the Carbon Co-op and People Powered Retrofit outlines the background behind retrofit: …

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