Hints and Tips for Speakers

All contact information logos and banners should be at the bottom of the screen to enable more of the audience to see a large proportion of the slides.

You present from a raised area, there are quite often audience members standing, so they don’t all get to see all of the screen.

The pub can be fairly full, which means some people may be out of sight – but we have a microphone you can use to save your voice

Feel free to use a presentation, however we much prefer presentations which aren’t read out word for word as do the audience.

The projector only has a VGA connector, so if you are bringing your own laptop please bring a VGA adapter with it as well.

Any slides can be sent to SciBar a minimum of 24 hours before a presentation so a laptop can be arranged to be brought to the talk on your behalf which will have your slides loaded on it.

As our projector is so old, not all converters work with the projector, therefore we request that you email your slides to rachael@rachaelchiverton.co.uk ahead of your talk. Rachael’s laptop will be at every SciBar and works with our older projector.

If you know any companies who would like to gift us / sponsor us a new projector please put them in contact with Rachael.