Save Danes Moss – what’s the threat? Why do we need to protect our peatland?

Gordon Richardson from save Danes Moss

In a last minute change we now have Gordon Richardson from Save Danes Moss coming along to explain to us what the current situation is in this fast moving game to Save Danes Moss, why we need to save it and what is the threat if we lose it?

There is a deeper reason to stop the destruction of Danes Moss. 
It is not because peat can help to protect us from the devastation of climate change – although it can.
 It is not because we love the wildlife that lives here – although we do. 
It is not because we will all directly benefit from the cleaner air, stronger mental health, the peace and joy we get from walking on the Moss – although we all will.
It is because Danes Moss has its own value that is beyond measure and beyond words.

In this talk you’ll find out all about the value if Danes Moss and the reasons we should be fighting to save it.

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