The Physics of Proton Therapy

Hywell Owen from Manchester University

The NHS has recently started treating patients in the UK with proton therapy, which is widely seen as the future of high-precision radiotherapy as it can offer certain patients reduced side-effects. Dr. Owen is a physicist specialising in the development of future technologies for proton therapy, and will talk about the development of the NHS centre at Christie Hospital – including the brand-new, unique research facility there that will help the development of new, faster treatments. He will also talk about his role in using superconducting magnets to usher in the next generation of treatments that will be both cheaper and higher-speed.

Bio: Dr Hywel Owen is a member of the Cockcroft Institute of Accelerator Science and Technology, the world’s largest academic institute for particle accelerator science. Hywel is the Institute’s director of education, and works closely with UK hospital research groups to develop new ways of doing particle therapy.

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