Manufacturing the Jet Engines of the Future.

Rob Ward from Sheffield University

The jet engines of the future must be more fuel efficient, more environmentally friendly and quieter than ever before. To do this, a
paradigm shift must occur in the standard design of the turbojet engine. The materials must be lighter, stronger and able to operate in more extreme conditions. During this talk, Rob will discuss the drivers behind the design requirements of the future jet engine, the technologies being developed and how the manufacturing industry is adapting and preparing itself ready to build them.

About Rob: Having completed undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Manchester, Rob joined the Royal Navy as a Weapon Engineering Officer. During this time he had many active deployments, and after an interesting career having served on 3 out of 4 Trident Submarines Rob then joined the University of Sheffield in 2017 as a mature student and Research Engineer. Rob is currently in his 3rd year (out of 4) of an Engineering Doctorate in Machining Science and Control Engineering with the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre and the University of Sheffield. He specialises in learning control of high performance CNC machines for the aerospace industry and has recently conducted research in real time digital twins. Rob also assists in teaching courses in twin-rotorcraft flight control design and industrial PLC control.

Contact Rob on Twitter: @MachiningGeek

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