5 top tips for quality sleep.

Dr Sian Rowsell PhD will share easily-applicable ‘life hacks’ to help you: enjoy better health, reduce workplace (or driving to work) accidents, improve your ability to learn, your decision-making and your productivity.


Why is it so important to pay attention to the quality and quantity of our sleep? Dr Ron Chervin – Professor of Neurology at the University of Michigan Sleep Disorder Centre says of getting more and better sleep, few other interventions could have such an inexpensive and cost effective impact on our quality of life, productivity, happiness and health.

Dr Sian Rowsell shares simple life hacks and tips to:- Learn the life hacks and small sustainable changes you can make to improve the quality AND quantity of your sleep Understand why we must bother? – Getting sufficient good quality sleep helps us look better, feel better, perform better, have better reaction times, make better decisions, learn more, remember more and have fun! Realise that just 30 minutes of extra sleep can up students test scores ‘I struggle with insomnia and have previously had sleeping tablets from my GP. This guidance has been life-changing for me. I now understand sleep hygiene and have made the suggestions into new evening habits’ ~ Senior Consultant in the IT Sector


Bio: Sian Rowsell is an award-winning coach, helping women who are leaders in science forge ahead in their careers, realise their full potential and achieve the perfect work/life balance. Following a PhD at Imperial College, and a post-doc at the University of Leeds, Sian enjoyed a very successful and varied career in pharmaceuticals. She found herself particularly drawn to mentoring, change and team leadership, and project management across global, multifunctional teams. After 16 years in a corporate role, she wanted to do something different. In a story that many can relate to, she began asking herself the question: “What next?” Hoping to find an answer to that question, in 2014 she took part in some coaching. It turned out that coaching and facilitating others to find their passion and direction was exactly the kind of career that had her jumping out of bed in the morning. She’d found her answer. And ever since then, she’s been helping other people find theirs too.

For more information, please email sian@sianrowsell.co.uk, connect with Sian on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/sianrowsell/ visit www.sianrowsell.co.uk

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